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Car Lease and Fleet Management Specialists

Weblease has been providing Leasing and Fleet Management services since 1996. Weblease is a locally owned and operated business. In this short time, we have become trusted providers of small to medium sized Leasing and Fleet Management to the Not-For-Profit Community Services and Local Government Sectors. We have achieved this by providing flexible value for money leasing products and exceptional fleet management support to our customer.

Weblease specializes in supplying leased vehicles to these relatively smaller sized fleets whilst working with a “Fleet Controller” within the organisation. This keeps you in control of your own finances and vehicle solutions. After all you know what vehicles are required to do the right job better than someone who is in an office 400km’s away. Weblease is not the biggest in the vehicle leasing industry, the key with going with us is that you have the same person to deal with every time. I will be your account manager. I have been involved in vehicle leasing for the past 17 years and have a very good understanding on what the customer’s needs are.

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