Fleet Management

You don’t need to be told that vehicle-operating costs are a major part of your organisation’s overheads. Often they are the second highest fixed expense after wages. Even the most effective internally managed fleet can realise only part of the tangible savings and efficiencies offered through professional fleet management. Many organisations don’t take into account the human labour of administering their vehicle fleets underestimating the time required when managing extraordinary events such vehicle repairs. Weblease provides a Peace of Mind Fleet Management solution.

Vehicle Acquisition

Unsure what vehicle is right for you and your business? Let our experienced staff at Weblease assist you with finding the right vehicle, facilitating your order in a quick and timely manner no matter where you are in Australia.

Vehicle Remarketing

At Weblease we monitor all the major sales channels in the car market to get you the right price for your vehicle. These channels include wholesale tender, trade-in, online and auction. Weblease will consult with you on preferred disposal medium. Vehicles are detailed prior to presentation to maximise your returns.

Maintenance Management and Control

Weblease monitors every vehicle and controls every cost. Before any repairs or maintenance can commence, a Weblease accredited repairer must first obtain a Weblease work order by contacting our Maintenance Control Centre. We check the repair requests against computer based vehicle records which are assessed against scheduled costs, prices are negotiated, and work authorities issued. All Maintenance Controllers are fully qualified automotive technicians.

Fuel Card & Fuel Card Management

Streamlining the reporting process is important and your fuel card plays an important part in this process. Our system manages fuel cards from all the major Petroleum Companies. We will support all your new card requests, driver and vehicle changes and any cancellations required.

Fuel Reporting

Reporting on your vehicles status is an important part of the vehicle management process. Our reporting process captures all the required car and fuel data from all the major petroleum companies. This allows to track your usage and highlight any areas of concern in relation to your vehicle usage.

Accident Management

Weblease Accident Management provides and manages the required documentation throughout the entire repair process ensuring vehicles are back on the road as quickly as possible. In the unfortunate event of an accident we provide 24 hour towing arrangement, assistance in lodging the repair claim, efficient response that reduces driver trauma and “downtime”, all contact and coordination with the repairer, insurance companies and third parties and tailored customer reports.

Registration & Fines Management

Don’t waste valuable time administering fines, registration and CTP renewals. We ensure all your correct registration details and postal addresses, Registration is renewed two weeks prior to the due date, traffic infringements received and logged forwarded to the client for action. In addition, tailored reports can be produced for management of these issues.

Fleet Reporting

Visibility and status updates on the performance of your vehicle are vital when controlling costs and efficiencies of your vehicles. Weblease produce a range of Fleet Reports designed to assist in the monitoring and control of fleet efficiency. These include;
– Maintenance and fuel costs
– Performance figures for benchmarking. (E.g. $ per 1000 kms)
– Exception Reports highlighting unusual high costs, excess litres and replacement due dates.
– Due for replacement.

FBT Reporting

Weblease Fleet simplifies FBT compliance & assists in reducing FBT costs by reporting via Statutory Method and ECM Method, providing vehicle details and calculations using data received from vehicle maintenance and fuel transactions. These are all produced in time for the end of the FBT reporting period.

Fleet Advice & Consulting

Weblease do more than simply manage vehicles, we provide advice and value added services to further improve fleet efficiency. We help you select and source your vehicle, determine optimum retention periods, provide best-suited service and repair facilities and outline any financing alternatives that may be required.

Fleet Enquiry

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